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Beatin’ Hearts Gigs 2013

12th October 2013
The Beatin’ Hearts, Live at East Barnet Old Grammarians 

This 5-piece tap into what people really want on a Saturday night, good time music, rapport with the audience with a good humoured approach.  The set list has been well thought out, with a tight mix of Rock, Blues and contemporary, that is known but not overly familiar.  One wondered what the younger contingent of the crowd would make of this, lets say, more mature type of band, but it was obvious that the infectious beat and delivery had won them over.

Dancing and drinking well into the night, listening to great sounds, what else do you want from a social club?

What people said;

“I’ve seen this band before, and travelled from Islington tonight to catch them again, they are great fun and can really play” --Elaine Durack

“ Its great EBOG’s are putting on live music again, its been a cracking night”—Andy Maclaren

“ This band are top class”—Dave Aumayer

The recent revival of live musict this famous old clubhouse, conjures up great memories from the past when Georgie Fame, Nine Below Zero, Juice on the Loose and other top acts performed in the hallowed halls. (Oh! and also Jim DavidsFor the last few months “EBOG” impresario Sid Draper has brought back much needed live entertainment for the members.Last week we rocked, danced, bopped and sang along to a great band from St. Albans, The Beatin’Hearts.This 5-piece tap into what people really want on a Saturday night, good time music, rapport with the audience with a good humoured approach.  The set list has been well thought out, with a tight mix of Rock, Blues and contemporary, that is known but not overly familiar.

From the opening bars of the Feelgoods “She Does it Right” it’s obvious this band know what they are doing. They are brave enough to follow a great version of Jimmy Reed’s “Baby What you Want me to Do” with “Make It Wit Chu” by Queens of the Stone Ag

22nd November The Goat Inn, St.Albans.

A rebooking in St. Albans is a real endorsement of the Beatin’Hearts credentials and a sure sign of everything heading in the right direction. If there was any doubt that the band could “pack’em in” then the Goat on Friday certainly dispelled that. Not a seat was left and with the bar area crowded, much to the delight of Mick and Kate the licencees, The Beatin’Hearts   lifted the crowd with their pumping rock and soulful takes on familiar but not too “samey” covers.

The Goat Inn
(with roof still intact)
A mixture of the young and not so young, sang along, danced along and drank along to a band that just gets better and better. The infectiousness of the music and the humorous asides of a band that are clearly enjoying themselves make for a great evening out.  The band are attracting the attention of promoters in the area, so should be back in St. Albans soon.

 14th July Redbourn Centre Fun Day

The Beatin’Hearts On The Roof (with sensible eye protection)
On another blisteringly hot day, the band was asked to “do a Beatles” and perform on a roof. This time on the roof of Redbourn Leisure Centre, not overlooking Saville Row but bowls players gently plying their craft. Well they were until the opening bars of “She Does it Right” caused a little consternation amongst the low rollers. Thanks to Paul the centre manager the band were kept “hydrated” with Cornwall’s finest ale. A thoroughly enjoyable time in rather surreal settings. You could say the band had reached new heights.



6th July Childwickbury Arts Festival

The usual sartorial elegance of the band was abandoned in favour of shorts and flip-flops as the temperature soared at this very popular annual event. Having played there last year in the midst of a monsoon, which deterred a lot of people from attending, things were much different this year.
Two music fans
(rushing to Childwickbury to see the Beatin’Hearts)
The good weather (and music) lured the milling throng from miles around as if Hamlein itself had been transported to Hertfordshire. Again amid a very strong line up, the Band won the crowd over with good time rock and blues. Why, even people dozing in deck chairs were seen to lift a heavy eye-lid and rock gently back and forth.

29th June. Help for Heroes. The Goat Inn, St Albans.

From a late gig to an early one. A very worthy charity day put on by the good people at the Goat saw the band on stage on a Saturday afternoon, in front of a very raucous and slightly pickled crowd. Following an excellent acoustic set from Faith Stealer,Gary Sear, The Beatin’Hearts tore into the set list to keep bums off seats. 3 encores with the crowd almost dancing between band members and much money raised, made for a perfect afternoon.

19th June. Whittlebury Hall, Towcester.

 IER Independent Business Awards 2013.

 Whittlebury Hall 
(prior to the Beatin’Hearts Gig)
A barmy summers evening in the Northamptonshire countryside seemed an unlikely setting for a new rock band to cut its teeth. 

However, The Beatin’Hearts debuted in fine and highbrow fashion in front of dinner jackets and posh frocks. A very rock n’roll start time of 11pm meant that an early sound check gave the band time to carry out all the excesses a rock band should be associated with, namely a bite to eat, half a shandy and a gentle stroll taking in the sweet summer air. Despite the offer of free gambling in the adjacent hall, the band were not distracted and were on fine form, despite not having rehearsed with returning singer Dave Burton, prior to the gig. The diners in front needed no encouragement to dance after spending the previous three hours listening to speeches about toasters. A good time was had by all.

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