Sunday, 15 December 2013

4th January 2014 at The Monken Holt

The Beatin’Hearts at Ye Olde Monken Holt Saturday 4th January 2014

Horses and carts were tethered on the Common as a milling throng flocked past the “Village Pound” and Ducking Stool to hear a band of minstrels pluck their instruments at Ye Olde Monken Holt.

Copious quantities of Mead and other fiery substances were swigged as the band played for the amusement of both the rich and poor people of Chipping Barnet.

Painted ladies were seen coercing respectable members of society to “loosen up” and participate in the odd Tarantella.

The Minstrels used revolutionary amplified instruments powered by “elec-trickery” to make themselves heard above the many villagers, who joined in raucous choruses of bawdy ballad’s.

The local innkeeper was so delighted that so many people had drunk his alehouse “dry” that he immediately re-booked the Minstrels, who staggered off into the night.

What they said:
“ Verily I say unto thee, goeth forth and see this band of strolling entertainers”
- The red haired lady.


  1. Good night had by all - the Pub takings would have been even greater if it had been possible to get to the bar!

  2. Who were the mystery couple who forced their way thro the crowds to the front, recorded one track and then left the pub? Perhaps tjhe big time is just around the corner?

  3. What a great night. The Beatin' Hearts (or is that Bleating Hearts?) are possibly the finest band of their type currently playing on the pub circuit. Apart from being scared to death by the red-haired lady who insisted on cavorting right in front of me, a fine night was indeed had by all. Highly recommended.